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Law of Attraction in Action

First of all I want to say a HUGE thank you to each of our amazing suppliers for believing in our beautiful business and being a part of it by providing us with their perfect handcrafted products. We cannot put into words how much your support means to us personally, it is beyond heart-warming to have you all on board.

Secondly I want to send a HUGE shout-out to two lovely ladies I have been blessed to become friends with and who have changed my entire outlook on life. Natasha Clarke and Lucy Howman are just beautiful souls with hearts of gold. They have helped me open my eyes to The Law of Attraction, to manifesting, altering my mindset, gratitude and abundance. I have a magical mood board on the wall in my office filled with fabulous pictures of where I see myself and what I want for the future, positive uplifting and empowering affirmations and so on. These ladies have encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities and in my business, they have shown me it is absolutely possible to achieve your dreams and desires. Here I am actually doing just that!!!

I want to see Oh Beautiful Release grow rapidly within the next year, I truly believe this can and will happen and I am super excited for what the future holds. This business has turned our negative experience into something positive which I hope inspires others to see it is always possible to turn things around and to have your happy ever after. I know that with the power of positive thoughts and self belief I will one day own my beautiful little boutique selling our perfect products to the public. I know that I will one day own my pretty pink cottage in the country by the coast and it excites me and empowers me to stay driven and determined to work towards those goals.

The best bit of all though...this doesn't feel like work!! I have so much fun doing what I do, I absolutely love, love, love helping others. If our business can help to empower and encourage women to feel special, to know that there is always someone who truly cares and to make that all important bit of me time, well that is just huge to me. Self love and self care is massive and to be able to be a part of that is a beautiful thing.

Finally a HUGE thank to you to all our wonderful customers and supporters for supporting our little family business and for doing your bit to help raise money and awareness of domestic abuse. A subject close to our hearts and to the hearts of so many. Your help and support are so much appreciated and do not go unnoticed.

Love and Light

Anna xxx


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